Armory and Spinnaker Operators

What are Kubernetes Operators for Spinnaker?

  • The Armory Operator extends the Spinnaker Operator’s features by providing the ability to configure Armory Enterprise’s features, such as Pipelines as Code and Policy Engine. The Armory Operator and Armory Enterprise are closed source and not free to use

  • The Spinnaker Operator is a Kubernetes controller for deploying and managing Spinnaker. The Spinnaker Operator and Spinnaker are both open source and free to use.

Advantages of using the operator for an Armory installation

  • Use a Kubernetes manifest to deploy and manage Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker
  • Use kubectl to deploy, manage, and access Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker like you would with any other app deployed on Kubernetes
  • Store and reference configuration secrets in one of the supported secrets engines
  • Store your configuration in git for an auditable and reversible GitOps workflow.