To scale an application in Armory, you simply create a pipeline which is what you will do in this exercise. By now, you are an expert in creating pipelines in Armory Enterprise. You will be scaling the apple-app up to six replicas. For “extra Points”, ssh into the bastion host created by CloudFormation and use kubectl to confirm 6 Pods are running (kubectl get pods –namespace dev). Don’t worry about installing or configuring kubectl. CloudFormation has done this work for you.

Scale Up

  1. Go to the “Pipelines” screen and start creating a new pipeline
  2. Give the pipeline the name Scale up Apple
  3. Add stage and select the type “Scale (Manifest)”
  4. Name it Scale up Apple
  5. Choose Account “spinnaker”
  6. Choose Namespace “dev”
  7. Choose Kind “deployment”
  8. For the Selector field, select “Choose a static target”
  9. Choose Name “apple-app”
  10. For Replicas set 6
  11. Save Pipeline and run the pipeline via manual execute
  12. Switch to “Clusters” and find the “deployment apple-app”. You can see the ReplicaSet and how it scaled up in the cluster section of the interface. You will now see 6 green bars under the apple-app deploymentScale up ReplicaSet