Run Armory Quickstart


The CloudFormation template provides an opportunity to provide values that will be used to customize the resources required for Armory Enterprise. The important values to enter:

  • Availability Zones - for the workshop purposes one availability zone is enough
  • SSH key name - choose SSH Key pair created in the prerequisites or any other you usually use in this region
  • Allowed external access CIDR - for the workshop purpose you can use to allow all IPv4 addresses to access Bastion host
  • Number of Availability zones - needs to match the number of zones listed above
  • EKS Public Access Point - set it to “Enabled”
  • Instance type - should be a t3.xlarge or greater

After entering the desired values, press “Next”


Stack Options

For this workshop, accept the default values and press “Next”


  • Review the values you entered.
  • Accept the acknowledgments at the bottom of the page.
  • Press “Create Stack”.

Note: It will take about 50 minutes to create all the stacks.

Once completed you can navigate to the main stack Armory-Enterprise-on-EKS-New-VPC.

Go to the Outputs tab and find the endpoint to the Armory Enterprise UI. This is the link to Armory Enterprise UI you will work with through the workshop.

Spinnaker UI